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Kenotek Ceramic Boost 0,5 litre - Coat It Ceramic

Kenotek Ceramic Boost 0,5 litre - Coat It Ceramic

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The description :

Kenotek Ceramic Boost 0.5 liter - Coat It Ceramic

Kenotek Coat It Ceramic Boost is a spray coating for the hydro- and oleophobic treatment of automotive paint. The spray provides excellent paint protection, which is extremely water and dirt repellent. Thanks to Kenotek Ceramic Boost, water glides over the car's paintwork with a pearlescent effect. Apart from its protective function, this spray also enhances the shine of the car's paintwork. In addition, Kenotek Ceramic Boost is the perfect maintenance product to extend the life of existing ceramic coatings. This professional spray is very easy to apply and offers very effective protection.

Features and strengths:

  • Spray coating
  • Hydro- and oleophobic paint treatment
  • Significantly increases the gloss level of the car's paintwork.
  • Provides long-lasting shine maintenance
  • Repels dirt and water
  • Outstanding water beading effect
  • Gives extra protection to the car's paintwork
  • Easy to apply
  • The ideal maintenance product to extend the life of ceramic coatings.

O ur ranges of chemical products are only distributed in Switzerland.

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Habe das Mittel benutzt ist sehr ,sehr gut.ein klasse perlerfekt für das Auto,sowie habe ich die Scheiben gemacht, ebenso sehr gut 👍 👍 👍