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Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie ReactiveWheelCleaner 0,75 litre - nettoyant pour jantes

Koch Chemie ReactiveWheelCleaner 0,75 litre - nettoyant pour jantes

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The description :

Reactive rim cleaner from Koch Chemie

THE reactive rim cleaner from Koch Chemie is a powerful, acid-free cleaner with shine enhancers that cleans rims gently and effectively. Reactive components dissolve brake/iron dust particles.

Rim cleaner with shine agents

THE reactive rim cleaner of Koch Chemie contains shine additives for a fantastic shine and beading effect. Powerful dirt carriers disperse and loosen stubborn contaminants.

Prevent permanent rim damage

Road grime and brake dust can cause permanent damage to wheels and rims. It is therefore important to remove stuck brake dust and contaminants in time.

How can I clean my rims with Koch Chemie's reactive rim cleaner?

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Use it in cool conditions and not in direct sunlight.
  3. Spray on the surface and wait 1 to 3 minutes for the product to soak up properly.
  4. Work with a rim brush or a finishing brush.
  5. Rinse with clear water or with a pressure washer.
  6. In case of heavy soiling, the soaking time can be extended up to 10 minutes.

Features and strengths:

  • Powerful, acid-free rim cleaner
  • With shine enhancers
  • Gently removes stubborn dirt from the surface
  • The cleaner does not dry on the surface

Our ranges of chemical products are only distributed in Switzerland.

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